Top 3 Considerations to Choose an Industrial Cleaning System with Bonus Tips

The vast range of industrial cleaning technologies and solutions can make you feel overwhelmed when you are considering of investing in one. Many thoughts keep churning in your head:

Which one will be the best for my business?

How can I get the most return out of my investment?

Will the industrial degreaser be able to clean the parts effectively?

To help you out, we have prepared the most important considerations when purchasing an industrial cleaning system.

  1. Nature of Contaminant to be Removed

Think about the nature of soil you need to remove from your parts. You will need different technologies depending on whether you want to get rid of oil and lubricants or metal shavings. The choice of solvents will also be an important consideration.

For example, the Firbimatic Spa aqueous cleaning system cleans many types of soil including debris collected from road or rail networks. But if you want to remove inorganic salts then Firbimatic solvent metal degreaser standardindustrial  is a good choice.

  1. Materials to be Cleaned

The composition of the materials will be the next thing to consider. You may not be able to use the same industrial degreaser, even if you bought it from us at ,  to clean metal objects and parts made out of plastic.

Firbimatic solvent systems can be used for metals while to clean sensitive objects like circuit boards you will need an ultrasonic industrial cleaner from the UltraClean range.

Next comes the size and design of your parts. It’s obvious that you will not be able to fit big materials in a small industrial washer. Also, the shape will determine the nature of cleaning technology you need.

For example, if you just want to rinse off grime from flat surfaces, then a spray cleaning washer is fine. But if your cleaning involves engine parts with blinds and hard to reach internal passageways, then you need the power of the UltraClean range ultrasonic cleaner which uses micro bubbles to clean even the most complex internal areas.

  1. Cleaning Application

The type of your industry and cleaning application also impacts your choice of industrial degreaser.

Some industries need to decontaminate their parts for further processing in the manufacturing process. Solutions like Firbimatic tunnel wash installations can be really useful as it employs continuous in line washing. The parts are cleaned and dried and made ready for next phase of processing facilitating continuous manufacturing processes.

But if you just need a simple cleaning of parts for maintenance purpose, the Masterwash SM range will suffice your needs.

Bonus Tips

  • Be wary of unproven technologies- many companies claim to come up with new and innovative technologies without credible evidence or market presence
  • Don’t go for cheap metal degreaser- the solution may be compromising on waste management; hence the low price
  • Find out hidden costs- managing your industrial cleaners rarely creates profits with the costs spread out; it’s better to have a profession service and support provider for improved management and cost savings

Now get down, research and use our tips to invest in an industrial cleaning system that suits your needs.