Planning Your Contextual Advertising Campaigns – The Rookie FAQ

Contextual advertising implies displaying ads relevant to the content of the web page or relevant to search engine quality. This kind of advertising is fairly one of the most effective methods of promotion products and services. Perhaps, the main reason behind its success lies in the fact that contextual advertising is more than understandable simple user than any other ways to promote the product. The text consists of keywords is simple, concise and takes up little space. This method is appreciated by marketers due to expenses predictability.

What is the basis the effectiveness of contextual advertising?

Apart from the formal requirements of search engines that certain pose several restrictions on the use of the words, there are no specific rules on the use of contextual advertising. However, the recommendations derived from experience, do exist. So what should be considered in the preparation of content and how it should look like?

The message should look like a call to action. Moreover, it should be made wisely and with a claim to originality. Try something offbeat to catch the user’s attention. But keep in mind the words limit, so not only your proposition should be catchy, but also comprehensive enough. Pay close attention to the following aspects:

  • Indicate the cost of goods (services). No less important point, because this will reduce the number of non-target users.
  • Produce landing pages for special campaigns. It may be reasonable to design a landing page to catch the attention of buyers and answer all the questions here and now.
  • Seasonality and geography. If you are promoting warm clothes, it is logical to do it in the fall and target the coldest regions.
  • Analyse your stats. It is necessary to closely monitor the results of its campaign to improve its effectiveness. Use Google Analytics & AdWords, track conversion, perform changes.

Things to avoid

The offers by large advertising organizations should be treated as means of the first choice; however, it does not mean that there are no other web resources that can advertise your products and services. Although, of course, there are some pitfalls to keep in mind.

Consider the tempting offers to organise your advertising campaigns without any commissions with caution. This means that such an agency would be interested only in constant supply of money invested in advertising (most likely in the services they are affiliated with).

Do not use automated services. They are less well-tuned to the target groups of visitors, ie your money will work less efficiently.

Context promotion is always a tough job, and to perform it effectively, you should take into account the many nuances. However, contextual advertising is a totally effective tool that can significantly increase traffic at the same time. To make the most of your marketing efforts, you may want to consider the assistance from solid, result-oriented agencies like HTP Digital, specialising in b2b digital marketing and online promotion. You can simply outsource the mission to these guys and switch to the spheres you are more efficient at.