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Industrial designer Marc Newson

Marc Newson

industrial designer

Born in the city of Sydney, Australia, Marc Newson has been involved in the creation of a highly varied and extensive range of designs among which are airplanes, interiors of buildings, artistic furniture, products for the home, watches, clothing items, and much more.

His production is characterised by amazing combinations of imaginative elements organised in rigorous technical schemes. Thus the expression of new modern styles through the realisation of high quality, solid, smooth design works.

Among his first creations is a sensual, extensive, luminous chair with rounded shapes called Lockheed Lounge that was exhibited at the Roslyn Oxley Gallery of Sydney after his graduation in sculpture and jewellery at the Sydney College Of The Arts in 1984. Numerous furniture items follows. These include the graceful and sinuous Felt Chair, the asymmetric Black Hole Table which while looking nearly unbalanced is very strong, practical and resistant, and the fascinating, mysterious Pod of Drawers.

After achieving outstanding successful realisations working in a studio initiated by him in Paris, France, in 1997 Marc Newson moved to London, UK, and opened the company Marc Newson Ltd, aiming to extend the fulfilment of his creative industrial design ambitions to a broader range o production fields. In the area of transportation he created the innovative, urbane, casual bicycle Biomega, and, for the world famous car brand Ford, a design concept for a versatile and cosy automobile called 021C. Among his most recent designs is the concept for the innovative jet Kelvin40 commissioned by the Fondation Cartier Pour L' Art Contemporain, a beautiful mobile phone called Talby for the Japanese manufacturer KDDI, and an ingenious airplane seat that allows sitting or laying in a slightly inclined position for the company Qantas Airways.

In 2004 he started tighter collaborations with Qantas with the assignment of the task of designing comfortable interiors for the passenger planes of the series A380, and their airport lounges.

Among Marc Newson's current occupations is the work in the position of Creative Director for the airline achieved in 2006, and his role of Adjunct Professor in Design at Sydney College of the Arts.

Marc Newson is one of the most successful and influential industrial designers of today's manufacturing world who, in addition to creating an endless list of high quality items, has won many official awards.

His designs are featured worldwide in permanent collections of design museums and galleries among which are the Museum of Modern Art Moma of New York, London's Design Museum, the French national museum of modern art Centre Georges Pompidou, and the Vitra Design Museum in Germany.

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