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Design Dictionary is a tool designed to provide information and linguistic means to those who are interested in design as producers, designers, design students, design teachers, buyers, and design lovers.

The published articles are about designers, products, manufacturers, design terms, materials, production methods, companies, organisations, books, magazines, schools, and other. The content is constantly updated by the addition of new items, images, information, and resources.

It is possible to access the content of the dictionary in the following ways:

- searching by letter: clicking a letter in the alphabetical menu, and then choosing a word.

- searching by category: choosing a title from the sub menu under the alphabetical menu, or using the button 'search' in the main menu to access a complete list of the categories.

- by casual search: using the button 'random' in the main menu.

- using Design Dictionary's search engine: inserting one or more keywords in the search field of the search engine in the section 'search' of Design Dictionary.